This German Magazine's Cover Shows Donald Trump Beheading The Statue Of Liberty

The artist who designed the cover said Trump was "beheading the American democracy."

Der Spiegel, an influential German weekly magazine, just released its new cover, featuring an illustration of President Trump who appears to have beheaded the Statue of Liberty.

Der neue SPIEGEL. Ab jetzt zum Download und ab morgen im Laden erhältlich:

The magazine cover reads, "America First."

People are pretty shocked at the imagery.

"Der Spiegel aren't messing around."

Edel Rodriguez, the Cuban-born American artist who designed the cover, told BuzzFeed News that he wanted the message to be direct: "Trump is beheading the American democracy."

my new cover art for @DerSPIEGEL magazine

"There's no grey area," said Rodriguez, who has previously designed these TIME magazine covers featuring Trump.

Rodriguez said that the Trump administration had "raised the stakes so much that an artist should do the same back to them. We should reply in kind."

Das neue Heft ist da!

Rodriguez said that he's aware people will be shocked by the imagery, but he did not fear any backlash from Trump supporters or the administration.

"I was born in Cuba in a dictatorship,"he said. "I'm an American and I have the right to do whatever the heck I want to do in this country. I do not feel like i should be afraid of anything in this country."

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