These Police Officers Are Grieving After Their Beloved Squirrel Was Found Dead

"RIP OPDSquirrel. We will always have our dance."

The Omaha Police Department on Tuesday announced the tragic news that their beloved pet rodent with its own Twitter handle, OPDSquirrel, was found dead in the parking lot.

We are sad to announce that @OpdSquirrel has been found dead in the parking lot. We are not investigating. #OPD

OPDSquirrel — a frequent visitor to the Omaha PD — loved "granola bars, buffalo flavored sunflower seeds, and traffic cops," according to its Twitter bio.

@OPDOfcBossman he is back and loves buffalo flavored sunflower seeds

Officer Mike Bossman, who tweeted about the sad news, added that the department was not investigating OPDSquirrel's death.

OPDSquirrel was instrumental in "fostering positive Police/Squirrel relations since 2016," according to its bio.

Alright my human Twitter friends. Let's end this scourge of daily 84th&I80 wrecks. I promise not to dart across anymore. We can do this! 🚗🐿🚓

And was always up for a snack.

OPDSquirrel's sudden death sent ripples across the community and the police force. Bossman, who had just fed the creature that morning, tweeted, "Life is short!"

Some officers just couldn't contain their grief as they paid their last respects to OPDSquirrel.

Others shared fond memories of their furry friend.

@OPDOfcBossman @OpdSquirrel oh the memories we will have

"RIP OPDSquirrel. We'll always have our dance."

@OPDOfcBossman RIP @OpdSquirrel We'll always have our dance. You'll be missed.

Many in the community sent their condolences to the Omaha PD.

@OPDOfcBossman @OpdSquirrel My condolences on your loss. This is a devastating blow.

@OPDOfcBossman @OpdSquirrel RIP little buddy. Go nibble on that great nut in the sky

People speculated on the cause of death, including diabetes and OD'ing on nuts, but Bossman said she "lived happy."

Others were quick to come up with conspiracy theories.

@JoeSpadea @JenJoy @OPDOfcBossman @OpdSquirrel Maybe squirrels are allergic to granola and thus, he was poisoned by someone feeding him? 😱

@OPDOfcBossman @OpdSquirrel Judging by the crack in the wall, he must've hit it at a good 50 or 60 mph. With no helmet.

@OPDOfcBossman @OpdSquirrel I don't know. Looks like a poisoning to me... Call in the Coroner!

One Omaha officer promptly offered her alibi.

@OPDOfcBossman @OpdSquirrel From sunny Florida just sayin' it wasn't me! #Alibi

This K9 unit in California also had an airtight alibi.

@OPDOfcBossman @Leistunghund @OpdSquirrel for the record, all of our K9s are in CA and accounted for with solid alibis...

While OPDSquirrel's tweet from April 11 did support one theory of death by granola...

200th follower gets one of my leftover Granola Bars. Apparently I've been eating too much

Bossman assured everyone that the death was not suspicious and a necropsy would not be conducted.

@sunshinehandley @OpdSquirrel it's a necropsy and it's not suspicious so there will not be one. 🐿

OPDSquirrel's family had a message for those in mourning:

Thanks to @OPDOfcBossman and @OPDSgtMenning for all the love. Give extra goodies to your backyard squirrel friends in lieu of flowers (2/2)


Bossman did not immediately respond to a request for comment, probably because he was still in mourning.

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