Trump's Decision To Rescind DACA Sparks Protests Across The Country

The Trump administration said it would end the Obama-era program that provided temporary protection against deportation to approximately 800,000 undocumented immigrants who came to the US as children.

Protests broke out across the country on Tuesday after the president's decision to rescind the Obama-era program that gave around 800,000 young undocumented immigrants temporary protection from deportation.

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The Department of Homeland Security said it was ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program in six months — what officials called an “orderly wind down” — with the intent of giving Congress time to come up with a potential legislative fix.

“This Administration’s decision to terminate DACA was not taken lightly,” Acting Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke said in a statement. “The Department of Justice has carefully evaluated the program’s Constitutionality and determined it conflicts with our existing immigration laws.”

She said the administration chose the “least disruptive option” to end the Obama-era program under which undocumented immigrants who came to the US as children can apply for temporary protection against deportation as well as work authorization.

New York City

Crowd growing outside Trump Tower where DREAMers and advocates are protesting over DACA

DACA supporters gathered outside Trump Tower to protest the decision.

Protesters are sitting in the intersection at 56th and 5th, chanting "No papers, no fear," outside Trump Tower.

DREAMers and DACA advocates protested outside the Trump Tower in New York, blocking traffic in the morning and later in 85 degree heat Tuesday afternoon. Police detained between 30 and 40 people, according to Sergeant Chris Hewitson with the New York Police Department's midtown north precinct.

Protesters chanted "Whose streets, our streets," "No papers, no fear," and "Undocumented, unafraid" as police removed demonstrators blocking the street outside the building.

Jacqueline Cortes, 23, a DACA recipient, told BuzzFeed News that those who were arrested put themselves on the line on behalf of herself and others who would risk deportation if they were detained by police.

The scene a block from Trump Tower in New York, where protesters are blocking traffic following the DACA decision

DACA recipients and allies marched several blocks in the vicinity of Trump Tower accompanied by a heavy police presence, telling their stories in English and Spanish through a bullhorn.

Police escort for marching DACA protesters on sidewalk at 54th and 6th ave

Tony Choi, another DACA recipient, said that he and his fellow DREAMers "refuse to be bargaining chips" in a political game Trump is playing. He urged other undocumented children of immigrants to come forward and take part in organizing.

Several DACA recipients interviewed said the program's beneficiaries are important sources of income to their families, and that the loss of jobs will be one of the first impacts felt when the program ends. Others said that they have known hist was coming since Trump's election, since he explicitly made ending DACA part of his campaign platform.

Thais Marques, 22: "This country is about to have a crisis in every immigrant community as hundreds of thousands of…

Paola Villacis said she learned of the march on the news during her lunch break, and since she works up the street from Trump Tower, she "couldn't not come out."

Though Villacis said she would not be personally affected by the DACA decision, she has many friends and co-workers who will be, and she comes from a family of immigrants.

"It took my mom 10 years to come from Ecuador," she said. "We were here 10 years without my mom, but we were lucky we didn't have to go through this."

San Francisco

I'm here at the SF Federal Building, where folks are gathered for tonight's #DACArepeal protest

Organizer: "Now we got to stay awake. We can't let anything else slip through." #DACAprotest

Washington, DC

NOW: protesters banging drums & chanting for DACA in front of the White House.

Some more angles of pro-#DACA protests outside the White House

Several hundred DACA supporters gathered outside the White House on Tuesday and marched towards the Trump International Hotel to protest the decision. Immigration activists called the president a "monster" and a "liar" for the move, and chanted "shame on you" as they banged drums, the Washington Post reported.


#Breaking: Students at Denver schools are walking out of classes in protest of #DACA announcement WATCH:…

Students at Denver schools walked out of their classes to protest the end of DACA.

At least 26 Denver high schools and colleges at the rally to defend #DACA on Auraria campus

School walkout in Denver over Trump administration's #DACA decision.

Lincoln, Nebraska

RECAP: Nearly 500 supporters came to State Capitol press conference showing Nebraskans support DREAMers.…

Nebraska DREAMers held a press conference attended by hundreds at the State Capitol in Lincoln.

San Jose, California

Large turnout at @SJSU #MLK library; protest to ending of #DACA program @KTVU #SouthBay 12:30p

A large crowd gathered at San Jose State University to protest the end of DACA.


DACA supporters marched to the Phoenix Immigration and Customs Enforcement office to protest Trump's decision.

Students at a Phoenix high school also staged a walkout to defend DACA.

Students at South Mountain High stage a walkout to defend #DACA

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Students at UNM walkout in support of DACA, chanting "Undocumented! Unafraid!"

Students at the University of New Mexico walked out in support of DACA.

Chicago, Illinois

Scene in front of ICE facility on Congress. Crowd stretches down the block w/more coming #protectionforall #DACA

Crowds filled Congress Parkway in Chicago, shutting down traffic Tuesday. After a rally, people demonstrated outside an ICE facility.

Thousands fill street Congress & Clark now #Chicago. Hey hey ho hi, 45 has got to go! #protectionforall #twill…

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

@joniernst @ChuckGrassley Happening now outside your Cedar Rapids' office #DACA #DefendDREAMers

Los Angeles

Thousands gather at LA city hall to protest the DACA repeal

Protesters gathered Tuesday evening in downtown LA, starting their march in the historic Placita Olvera. Earlier in the day, advocates for immigrant rights and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti also spoke out against the end of the program.

From back here we can't hear what's being said, but that doesn't stop the cheers from spreading

Loud chants "Say it loud say it clear, immigrants are welcome here! #DefendDACA rally around Olvera Street gazebo,…

Students at UCLA also protested Tuesday's news in a march through campus.

Students at UCLA protest DACA announcement by marching through the campus.

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