People Are Sharing Videos Of Kids As Animoji And Honestly It's The Cutest Thing Ever

"I love you, Mommy...woof woof."

Twitter user Sophia Tripodi blessed our weekend timelines with this adorable video of her 2-year-old niece using Apple's popular Animoji feature.

This video of my 2 year old niece is the cutest thing you’ll ever hear

The tweet went insanely viral, and rightly so, prompting other people to share videos of their little ones as talking and singing dogs, dinosaurs, and aliens.

Here are some of the best videos, and if these don't warm your hardened heart, I don't know what will.

Just a doggie who loves his mommy.

@SooTrippyy Seriously. The cutest.

"Area 51 is for the children."

@SooTrippyy @jadesfw Area 51 is for the children

No one has threatened to destroy the world this cutely.

@SooTrippyy This is my nephew 🥺❤️👽

This should be the trailer for the new Jurassic Park movie.

@SooTrippyy Let me add to the heartwarming


Here's a totally gleeful piggy.

@SooTrippyy My little brother too lmao

And an extremely giggly giraffe.

This ghost is frighteningly cute.

@SooTrippyy My 4 year old sister singing the ABCs😭

"I'm a tigaaaah."

@SooTrippyy They really are so cute 😢😢

And here's the best "Baby Shark" remix you'll ever hear.

@SooTrippyy @samanthajanae14 “baby shark” 🦈 ♥️

And the Grammy for Song of the Year goes to..."I'm a poop emoji."

@SooTrippyy @isss_eddd This is my nephew 🥺❤️❤️

We are all Alex.

@SooTrippyy this reminds of my cousin i cant

"Pink, fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows" will unite the nation.

@SooTrippyy Now I have to add my daughter to this thread

BuzzFeed News reached out to Tripodi to get her reaction and to thank her for spawning the incredibly cute Twitter thread.

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