This News Anchor Gave Hilarious Commentary After His Guests Threw Shoes And Chairs At Each Other

"It's as if it's freestyle wrestling in the studio."

Writer and activist Imran Siddique on Tuesday, tweeted this wilddd clip from an Egyptian channel where a heated argument between two guests on a news show led to flying shoes and chairs, and gave the poor host low blood pressure.

The host of the show, Mohamed Al-Ghiety, claimed he suffered from exhaustion and low blood pressure after two of his guests got into a physical confrontation with each other, according to The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), which posted the clip and translated it to English.

The show aired on the Egyptian LTC TV channel on Sept. 27, according to MEMRI.

The argument reportedly escalated when one of the guests, an Egyptian lawyer, Nabil Al-Wahsh, tried to undermine the credibility of the other guest, Mustafa Rashed, a self-proclaimed "mufti" (a jurist who interprets and rules on Muslim law).

The two men exchanged insults and flung accusations of apostasy and mental illness.

The show then reportedly went off air for a 13-minute commercial break after which the host, Al-Ghiety, returned shaken and apologetic about what had just transpired in his studio during the break.

He described the destruction wrought by his two guests in the studio. "I fell down," he said.

He then aired footage of the "physical violence" that took place in his studio and gave a running commentary of what went down.

"I never imagined that it would reach the point that one of the guests would take off his shoe or that the other one would respond by throwing a chair at him."

"To be honest, I never expected to see such a spectacle..."

"Can we see it again?"

Al-Ghiety refused to play the audio because "words were said that should never have been uttered."

He gave a dramatic play-by-play account of the fight: "Here it is...there's the shoe..."

"Oh my God..."

"It's as if it's freestyle wrestling in the studio."

Same, Al-Ghiety, same.

Elamin Abdelmahmoud contributed to this report.

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