Dramatic Videos Show A Blimp Crashing At The US Open Golf Tournament

A pilot has been injured after a blimp crashed at the US Open golf tournament in Wisconsin.

A pilot was injured after a blimp crashed at the US Open golf tournament in Erin Hills, Wisconsin, on Wednesday morning, organizers confirmed to BuzzFeed News. Several eyewitnesses shared videos of the incident on social media.

Pretty sure I just watched the blimp crash at the #USOPEN! Hope everybody is ok!

A commercial blimp, not affiliated with the United States Golf Association or the US Open Championship broadcast, crashed in an open field approximately a half mile from the Erin Hills golf course at around 11:15 a.m. CT, a USGA spokesperson told BuzzFeed News.

"First responders were quick to arrive at the scene and the pilot is currently being treated for unknown injuries," the spokesperson said. "No other people were involved in the incident and local law enforcement is currently investigating. Our thoughts and prayers are with the pilot at this time."

Some spectators said they saw the pilot parachuting out of the blimp.

Just got to the #USOpen and the blimp caught fire and crashed. People parachuted out.

@usopengolf #USOpengolf #blimp just crashed at the US Open. Pilot looked like he bailed out

Smoke was seen rising out of the blimp as it crashed into the woods.

#USOpen blimp going down on fire.

US Open blimp just went down and crashed in the woods @usopengolf @NoLayingUp @TronCarterNLU

One person said the blimp crashed in his "Grandma's farm field."

Jesus this blimp at the US Open just crashed in my Grandma's farm field (this is the only picture I got 2 hours bef… https://t.co/1m2YbeqlZH

Earlier today, the company that appeared to be the sponsor of the blimp retweeted a picture of the blimp flying over the US Open.

We are proud to be a sponsor at this year's @usopengolf Check out the #PenFedBlimp throughout the weekend!… https://t.co/owIF36bxii

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