Here Are Just Some Pictures Of Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin And Mitch McConnell Holding Gold

The pictures come from a Freedom of Information Act request connected to last year's trip to Fort Knox to watch the solar eclipse.

Remember when Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin watched the solar eclipse on a controversial trip to Kentucky last year? Well, he also held gold in his hands.

Mnuchin also signed his name next to some gold bars.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell also got in on the gold bar action.

And a very happy McConnell signed his name, too.

And then Mnuchin and McConnell held a gold bar together.

Gold wasn't the only attraction. Mnuchin and Linton got to take in the solar eclipse too, from outside the Search House of the US Bullion Depository.

McConnell has had a bit of a moment this month after being attacked as “Cocaine Mitch” by a failed Senate candidate. People on Twitter had thoughts.

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Here are all the Fort Knox-trip related documents, including more photos:

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