GOP Super PAC Launches "I'm With Careless" Website Tying Vulnerable Dems To Clinton

With a new website, Republicans will tie vulnerable Democrats to Clinton in the same way that Democrats have been linking Republicans to Trump.

WASHINGTON — A super PAC affiliated with House Republican leadership is launching a new website that ties vulnerable Democrats to Hillary Clinton in the same way that Democrats have been linking Republicans to Donald Trump.

The website,, shared first with BuzzFeed News, was created by Congressional Leadership Fund on the day that Clinton will accept her party's presidential nomination. It's a take on her campaign's "I'm with her" slogan and invokes FBI Director James Comey's comments that Clinton was "extremely careless" with her emails.

It shows 12 House Democrats in tough re-election races, including Reps. Ami Bera, Joe Garcia, Brad Ashford, Emily Cain and Pete Gallego wearing T-shirts that say "I'm with careless" with an arrow pointing to an image of Clinton.

The website will include news clips, photos, and videos on how those Democrats have embraced Clinton.

“Putting politics before principle, these Democrats are ‘Ready for Hillary’ regardless of how untrustworthy and reckless she’s found by voters or even the FBI,” said Emily Davis, spokeswoman for the group, in a statement. “Democrats proudly embracing Hillary Clinton will have to explain to voters why they continue to stand by her record of scandals and dishonesty.”

The super PAC cites polling that shows Clinton's high unfavorables. A new CNN/ORC poll this week found that 68% now say she is not honest and trustworthy.

Democrats have had their own websites and ads for months that have been tying GOP candidates in the House and Senate to comments made by Republican presidential nominee Trump.

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