People Admire This Teen's Confession Of Being Broke On His First Date With His Girlfriend

"This story is a rite of passage if you were ever broke and tried to date someone."

This is 17-year-old Kittakone Sirisombath Jr. and his girlfriend of eight months, Destiny La'nae Irish. She was his first friend when he first moved to Dallas, he told BuzzFeed News.

Kittakone Sirisombath Jr.

The two had their first date on March 13. Irish texted Sirisombath at school saying she was hungry, so he picked her up later that day and took her to grab a bite together.

"I offered to get her something to eat and her favorite thing to eat is a burger so I chose Chili's," he said.

The only problem was that Sirisombath only had enough money at the time to pay for her portion of the meal at Chili's. So, he lied and told her he had just eaten and was not hungry. "I was nervous about my financial situation but after she ordered I knew I was in the clear," he said, laughing.

Kittakone Sirisombath Jr.

He said she asked him repeatedly if he wanted to eat, and offered her food to him, but he insisted he was full.

"We joked the whole time and had fun," he added.

On Thursday, Sirisombath said he decided to finally tell his girlfriend (and his social media followers) about his little white lie. He even admitted that he was insecure about pulling out all that he had in cash in front of her.


"In all honesty, I'll do it again for you," he said.


Irish found out about his gesture from the tweet. She responded to his tweet, saying if she had known at the time, neither the money nor the ~gentlemanly gesture~ would have mattered to her. "We could've went to the store and got some snacks. I would've been straight," she wrote back.

@K1ttaTron It don't matter. It ain't about the money, we could've went to the store and got some snacks. I would've been straight

Not only have Sirisombath's tweets gone viral, a lot of strangers have been surprised by how much this small gesture and confession has touched them.

@K1ttaTron @playgirlcarti_ I...nope I'm not crying😭

It also has single people now feeling extra single.

@K1ttaTron @pttm_o @playgirlcarti_ My lonely ass reading this like:

@K1ttaTron @playgirlcarti_ my single ass reading this shit

Some joked about how closely he must have listened to her order while simultaneously doing mental calculations.

@K1ttaTron @playgirlcarti_ when she said she wanted to add bacon to her burger..

Although some pointed out men perhaps shouldn't be expected to pay.

Wow 😭😭 but nah if I'm ya girl I can always help pay . It ain't always the guys job to pay.

Please don't Ever do this for me, I'll pay for myself.

The moment clearly resonated with a lot of men, especially "if you were ever broke and tried to date someone," one person said.

Realest thing I seen on this app today.

This story is a rite of passage if you were ever broke and tried to date someone.

The couple has since split meals and paid for each other plenty of times. "We've taken care of each other plenty of times," he said. "That's my best friend; she keeps me going!"

Kittakone Sirisombath Jr.