YouTuber Emma Chamberlain Is On The Latest Cover Of "Cosmopolitan" And She's Dubbed "The Most Popular Girl In The World"

In the cover story, Chamberlain talks about her struggles with body image and why she finds the term influencer "kind of disgusting."

YouTuber Emma Chamberlain is the cover girl for the latest issue of Cosmopolitan, and the magazine has dubbed her "the most popular girl in the world."

This is the 18-year-old's first US magazine cover. On Thursday, the YouTuber coordinated the cover reveal with Cosmo by dropping a video on her channel that has over 8.5 million subscribers, along with a video for Cosmo's YouTube channel.

"I don't know why they want me to be on their magazine, but I'm not mad about it," she said in her video. "It's a little weird because I used to read Cosmopolitan every time I was on a plane. ... It's pretty crazy now that some things have come full circle."

Chamberlain's video about her cover reveal has already been viewed more than 1.3 million times.

In the cover story in which she's repeatedly hailed as the quintessential "cool girl," Chamberlain talks about what it's been like growing up so publicly on the internet and how that's shaped her sense of self. She first started vlogging at 15.

"I just think that growing up on social media gave me eating issues as a kid. I literally have struggled with that my whole life," she told Cosmo. "Almost every person I’ve met has had some form of an eating disorder. I mean, I’ve had...I don’t want to trigger anyone, but so many.”

The writer of the story, Dana Schwartz, also wrote that Chamberlain developed "extreme anxiety" from the long hours she spent watching herself while editing her videos.

"Staring at herself for all those hours also led to a severe case of body dysmorphia," Schwartz wrote.

Chamberlain also presents herself in the story as someone who is truly blasé about her public perception — and is what Schwartz described as "DGAF incarnate."

"I don’t take it too seriously,” the YouTuber said. "It’s like, I have one life. I’m not going to waste my time being all, you know, ‘Take me seriously as a YouTuber!’ I don’t care, you know what I mean? It’s like, watch my videos — if you hate it, go watch the news or something, I don’t know. Like, have fun, but I don’t care."

The teen is also iffy about being called an "influencer."

"I think the word ‘influencer’ is kind of disgusting… Let’s use me as an example: If someone is calling me an influencer, they’re saying that my job is to influence, and I don’t think that’s true. I prefer to entertain and be a friend. I don’t want to influence," she said.

Regardless, Chamberlain has influence. And her fans care so much about her. They're super proud of their young idol — especially those who've watched her since her first YouTube videos.

WHAT?!? @emmachamberlain is on Cosmo?!??? I watched this girl when she first started vlogging and now she’s like famous or something!?! Okay?!? Go you sis. Truly. Go you!

It also represents to them that "anything is possible."

emma chamberlain is on the cover of cosmo, so i guess really anything is possible

Wow. We live in a world where Emma Chamberlain, an 18 year old youtuber, can be the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine. Cosmo also decorated her with the title of: Most Popular Girl in the World. Anything CAN happen.

"Emma chamberlain on the cover of cosmo is absolutely iconic. She’s a queen. She deserves everything she gets. End of story," wrote one fan.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Chamberlain for additional comment about this big feat.

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