This Guy Refused To Give Up His Louis Vuitton Bag To An Armed Robber 'Cause He "Worked Hard" For It

"You’re not getting my Louis Vuitton."

Jerad Kluting, 31, from Holland, Michigan, experienced a terrifying moment while walking home last week when an armed man demanded he hand over his $1,700 Louis Vuitton bag.

Not only did Kluting refuse to hand it over, he told the armed robber, "'You’re not getting my Louis Vuitton.' I worked very hard for this and this bag I’ve had forever and it means a lot to me."

Fortunately (with miraculous fortune), Kluting made it out of the incident unharmed. Shortly afterward, police located the suspect and arrested him.

According to WOOD-TV, police found a stolen handgun on the 21-year-old suspect.

Ottawa County Police did not immediately return a BuzzFeed News request for comment.

Kluting said it was not really about the bag: "Yes, I do love Louis Vuitton," he said, "but I wasn’t going to be intimidated by this bully."

Kluting said he's received messages from people around the country calling him a "hero" for what he did. But Kluting doesn't consider himself one. "Gun violence is a national issue," he said. "The kids and parents of Santa Fe and Parkland are heroes."

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