A Grandma Accidentally Texted A Teen About Her Thanksgiving Plans And He's Now Invited

"Your grandma" is everyone's grandma tbh.

This is 17-year-old Jamal Hinton, who lives in Phoenix. He told BuzzFeed News he recently and unexpectedly made a new "friend" over text.

Jamal Hinton

On Tuesday, he somehow got looped into a group text from an unknown number detailing Thanksgiving dinner plans that included family members "Amanda" and "Justin." Hinton was confused and asked who these people were. The texter identified herself as "your grandma."

Jamal Hinton

Hinton told BuzzFeed News he thought it was his grandmother texting him, but to verify, he asked for a photo.

Jamal Hinton

"I really thought it was my grandma so I had to ask for a picture to make sure," he explained.

Turns out: not his grandmother.

Jamal Hinton

Hinton then laughed, and responded with his own selfie letting her know she'd reached the wrong grandson. But he asked if he could still have a seat at the table on Thanksgiving. Your Grandma said, "Of course you can."

Jamal Hinton

"That's what grandmas do," she added.

Hinton said that if the invitation still holds, he'd be delighted to join the family for Thanksgiving.

"If I was invited to their Thanksgiving for real, yes, I would go," he said.

"I would consider us as friends!" Hinton added, even though at the time they had not yet exchanged first names.

He shared the exchange on Twitter, where people have fallen in love with the random and hilarious exchange.

People are really rooting for this Thanksgiving dinner to go down.

And are really feeling the sentiment that grandmas "feed every one."

BuzzFeed News has learned "Amanda" is the 23-year-old girlfriend to the actual grandson, named Brandon. They asked not to include their last names. And Your Grandma? Her name is Wanda. They all live in Mesa, Arizona.

Twitter: @Dizzie149

Amanda said she and her boyfriend found the whole mix-up "hysterical."

"[Brandon's] family is pretty amazing, even if it's your first time meeting them," she said. "They adopt you into the family immediately."

The "Justin" Grandma Wanda mentioned is Brandon's younger brother's boyfriend.

Amanda says they're texting Hinton "right now" to coordinate real, potential plans. "Hey, another plate on Thanksgiving is always great," Hinton said.

Jamal Hinton

"My boyfriend is talking to Jamal right now about Thanksgiving," Amanda said, adding that they're just waiting on Grandma to respond to finalize plans.

Oh, and she also informed us that Grandma Wanda had to change her number because she was being sent NSFW-type texts from strangers. C'mon guys. It's Thanksgiving.