People Are Cracking Up Over How This Woman And Her Boyfriend Hilariously Duped Her Dad's Security Camera

To parents everywhere: Young couples definitely do not kiss, or even touch, each other when they say goodnight.

This is 20-year-old Ana Rosell and her boyfriend, Yasser Santana, from Miami. Recently, Rosell's dad purchased a camera from Amazon to monitor the front door of their house since it doesn't have a peephole.

The camera, which is hidden inside one of the many plants on their front porch, alerts her dad any time anyone approaches their door.

Last Thursday when her dad installed it, he let Rosell know of the camera as she was leaving the house for a date with her boyfriend.

Rosell said her dad then joked with her "about how now he would have evidence" of what she and her boyfriend do outside when she's dropped off at night.

So when the couple came home from their date that evening, they decided to bid each other a swell good night like they normally do. They courteously shook hands, of course.

so we found out my dad hid a camera where we usually kiss goodbye

People are cracking up over the security footage her dad later watched.


@anaarosell The way y'all walked out the house got me weak asf

And hilariously captioned what they may have said to each other counter to their acting.

@anaarosell "Well, that was good sex" "Yes it was" "Same time next week?" "Same time"

Some folks related to the feeling of being watched by parents when their SOs kissed them good night.

This is deadass how I would say bye to this one guy that would drop me off bc my mom would check the cameras 😭😂

Others found her dad "creepy" for watching them at all. Rosell wants to make it clear that her dad is "definitely not the type to spy or creep on me or my siblings when it comes to our personal lives." It was all to play a little prank on him.

imagine having this creepy of a father omg

"He’s actually very respectful of that [and] people might have taken [it] the wrong way in the tweet," she said.

Her dad has even seen his daughter's viral tweet and video, and he thinks it's all "really funny," she said.

@anaarosell @RaylaRimpson Pops ain’t playin.

So, Mr. Rosell, if you're reading this, your daughter and her boyfriend definitely do not kiss. BuzzFeed News can confirm they've never kissed ever! And will never plan to.

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