This Teen's Dog Had Black Pups And People Are Calling For A "Maury" Pupternity Test

"Man not even these dogs loyal."

This is 19-year-old Jacqueline Arguello and her dog, Mocca, from Pharr, Texas. Mocca recently met the love of her life* and together they had babies.

Mocca recently gave birth to a litter of adorable, healthy pups. However, Arguello and her family were confused when one after another, the puppies came out with different, dark shades of fur.

Arguello said she and her parents started speculating if Mocca had snuck out and bred with another dog somehow. As far as the Arguellos knew, the poodle whom Mocca met and fell in love with* was the first dog she's ever had contact with.

Arguello joked about the idea that Mocca possibly stepped out on her beau and was impregnated by another baby daddy by tweeting a scene from the show Maury. Her tweet has been retweeted nearly 50,000 times.

This is my dog & her baby daddy... & this is my dog & her babies.

People were immediately invested in a possible pup paternity drama and reacted appropriately.

There were storylines and outcomes already imagined for the new parents.

@jackiearg_ can I take custody of one of the pups if he files for divorce

@jackiearg_ "you are not the father"

(Although someone did point out that light-furred dogs who carry the dark-fur gene can produce dark-furred babies.)

Arguello does not plan on actually getting a paternity test done — she's simply enjoying her beautiful new puppies and laughing at everyone's responses.

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Two light-furred dogs with a recessive dark-furred gene can produce dark-furred puppies. An earlier version of this post misrepresented the genetic inheritance process.

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