This Guy Shamelessly Confessed To Using Self-Timer To Take A Couple's Photo After People Roasted Him

The hilarious and honest admission has people calling the couple "goals" for real.

This is Sergio Ledezma, 18, and his girlfriend Taylor, 17. They both live in San Antonio.

Last week, Ledezma shared the following photo to Twitter, showing him appearing to be asleep and cuddling Taylor and her cocker spaniel, Jeffry. "U can't tell me I ain't blessed," he captioned the photo.

Like many intimate couples' photos on the internet nowadays, people were generally (and rightfully) confused as to how this supposedly private, candid photo was taken.

@SergioAl1944 a ghost take the pic 😨👀😧

Did they hire a photographer, or was there some poor friend in the room with them taking this photo??

When one gets into a relationship does a wild photographer randomly appear whenever you need a photo taken?

Ledezma told BuzzFeed News in an effort to "avoid any more people roasting" him, he decided to confess to carefully setting up a self-timer on his camera and running into position — all in an effort to capture a "cute" moment.

& yes I put the camera on the nightstand w the timer on and ran my ass back to the bed idgaf.

"& yes I put the camera on the nightstand w the timer on and ran my ass back to the bed idgaf."

He even bravely shared with BuzzFeed News the hilarious outtake photos.

Ledezma's admission actually scored him some points on the internet. Not only has his confession gone viral, people are now applauding him for going the extra mile to get the photo.

@SergioAl1944 this is respectable dedication.

Even if it's arguably cringeworthy, they could not hold his honesty against him. "Can't even be mad atcha," someone responded, laughing.

@SergioAl1944 Lmao! Can’t even be mad atcha! Hahahaha

@SergioAl1944 @GPL_ At least you’re honest lmao

If anything, it's finally provided a lot of people answers they'd been wondering about since beginning of #relationshipgoals photos.

@SergioAl1944 lmao bro i been really wondering who tf snapped the pic 💀💀💀

It's even inspired one other person to say that they, too, carefully coordinate their couple-y photos on Instagram.

@SergioAl1944 You are not alone, camera timer clutch af ✊🏼

The honesty has people calling the couple "goals" for real.

"I have no shame," Ledezma said, adding that they don't actually use the self-timer function that often.

"We just did it this once 'cause she wanted us to look cute" — so, no, @KiddBrandn, they were not actually asleep. Not even Jeffry the dog, probably.

@SergioAl1944 so you guys arent really sleeping

Taylor said she simply found it funny so many people complimented Jeffry's beautiful coat.

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