People Are Trying To Keep Up With WTF Is Allegedly Going On With Azealia Banks, Grimes, And Elon Musk

Is Azealia walking around opening Elon’s cupboards, rummaging through his drawers, and eating his food right now?

Soooooooooooooooooooooooo Azealia Banks is claiming she waited in Los Angeles “for days” for Grimes to show up so that they could collaborate.

In a series of recent Instagram stories, Banks said she flew out to LA with the intention of working with the singer, but had instead been camped out, alone, at Grimes’ boyfriend Elon Musk’s house — an experience Banks compared to a “real life episode of Get Out.” If you’re already completely exhausted by 2018, I’m tired, too.

The image of the rapper stuck inside Musk’s home, with him, alone, was not something most of us were prepared to handle.

azealia banks wandering around elon musk's house alone right now is too 2018 to handle

thinking about Azealia Banks sitting in Elon musk’s house waiting for grimes to get home

Because it’s just really fucking funny?

azealia banks waiting at elon musk’s house for days while grimes is nowhere to be found is the funniest fuckifn thing i’ve ever heard who’s controlling the simulation

People can’t help but imagine how it all went down. Like, Banks just sitting, impatiently, for days, alone.

azealia banks sitting in elon musk’s house for the third day in a row while she waits for grimes

And how she’d help herself to Musk’s hospitality.

Azealia Banks at Elon Musk House when he forgets to give her a blanket

And walk around his house opening cupboards and drawers, and helping herself to his food.

azealia banks eating all of elon musks food as she waits for grimes to return

Someone joked Grimes had set Banks up and was privately watching it all unfold with secret cameras.

grimes watching azealia banks on her house cameras while azealia banks sleeps on the floor with no a blanket

What Musk might have come home to on the first day:

elon musk: honey i’m home! azealia:

How Grimes might have reacted when/if she finally showed up:

Grimes pretending she didn’t know Azealia Banks was at her house all weekend.

Who said this was Grimes finally showing up to meet Azealia Banks at Elon Musk’s House?

“Azealia Banks looking for Grimes in Elon’s house”:

Azealia Banks looking for Grimes in Elon’s house

What would happen when/if the three of them finally converged:

Azealia Banks, Grimes, and Elon Musk this weekend at Elon’s mansion

And how Banks would make her exit:

azealia banks leaving her goodbye note in elon musk’s mansion later today

Azealia Banks please set up some Home Alone traps in Elon Musk's house before you leave.

Aren’t we all trapped inside Elon Musk’s home?

in many ways we are all trapped in Elon Musk’s house

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Banks’s representatives for more information.

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