A Woman With A Rare Disability Said She Was Nervous To Post Sexy Photos Because Of Comments. Then She Began Reading The Comments.

"Out of your comfort zone should be your New Zone."

A 21-year-old woman with a rare physical condition is receiving floods of comments from strangers hyping her up after she nervously posted ~sexier~ photos online.

"I usually don’t post pictures of myself when I have a nice dress on or when I go out...because I get nervous about comments since I’m not society's view of disability," Nila Morton told BuzzFeed News. "I decided that I should just post it because I felt beautiful and sexy."

Morton, who lives in Greenville, South Carolina, was born with a rare condition called Ullrich congenital muscular dystrophy, which results in severe muscle weakness, and uses a wheelchair.

Over the weekend, after getting dressed up and going out, Morton decided to post the photos. It was in the early hours of Sunday morning and she figured she could just go to bed right after, "just in case it backfired," she said, laughing.

I was kinda nervous about posting bc this is way outta my comfort zone & Ik some ppl will judge but I felt beautiful 🥰🖤✨

By the time she woke up, her tweet was already going viral. It's currently been retweeted over 36,000 times and liked over half a million times. Mostly, Morton has been reading floods of extremely supportive comments from people on Twitter.

"Getting that much positive feedback made me smile and anxious at the same time," she said. "I know that some people had negative things to say, but I saw how people had my back, which made me realize that I should never be nervous to show off myself."

"Out of your comfort zone should be your New Zone," someone wrote.

@Niyonce143 Out of your comfort zone should be your New Zone . Feel beautiful because you are . No reason to blur out your chair.. Do Donuts in that muh & enjoy life

People really emphasized that she is beautiful if she feels beautiful and that if anyone has judgments about that, it sounds like a them problem.

Besides compliments, people are also feverishly sending her hilarious memes to prove the point.

@Niyonce143 You are literally glowinggggg and your entire look is perfect

Some are even feeling hyped by all the hype surrounding her tweet.

@solomonmissouri @Niyonce143 the love on her tweet got me excited !!

"It did make me happy to know that it also gave other people motivation to embrace themselves online as well," said Morton. She said before all this happened, her account had a few thousand followers. She now has more than 11,000.

"Posting those photos became more than just showing off my cute fit — it became an opportunity...to show the world that I’m here with my disability and all," she added. "I love my life just as it is. I love my wheelchair because it’s my throne."

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