A Woman Arrested For Cocaine Claimed The Wind Blew It Into Her Purse, And Honestly We Should Hear Both Sides

People are standing with Kennecia Posey and her statement to police. "I believe her."

However, online, there is a bit more to report. People believe Posey should have a fair trial — at least in the court of public opinion. Some strongly believe the culprit is the Florida wind.

idk i believe her https://t.co/lVXWQALXxE

It's a non-divisive issue, really. Far-right personality Mike Cernovich said his ruling would be "not guilty."

I would vote not guilty. https://t.co/gOq5qiB2Mz

It could happen to the best of us. Stay vigilant!

Girl that same thing happened to me once! https://t.co/Wo9SX8wSkK

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