Women Had To Correct A Guy's Passive-Aggressive Comment On The See-Through Shirts Trend

"Everybody got titties! We know where they are!"

Quenlin Blackwell, a 16-year-old from Dallas, Texas, told BuzzFeed News she came across a tweet over the weekend that initially made her cackle out loud.

The tweet was from @iHateYungJules two days prior. He included photos of model Bernice Burgos and vocalist Paloma Ford in sheer tops, and rhetorically asked, "I guess see-through shirts with ya nipples showing is the wave for you females this summer, huh?"

So I guess see-through shirts with ya nipples showing is the wave for you females this summer huh?

Blackwell said she found the comment and double standard "insane."

"How does a breast offend someone?" she said. "How does an organ — NOT EVEN AN ACTUAL SEXUAL ORGAN — offend so many men and their so-called 'masculinity'?"

So she responded to the tweet by pointing out that "wearing no shirt with ya nipples out" has been "the wave for you males for...forever." Women were just late to the party — but thanks for the welcome.

yuh and I guess wearing no shirt with ya nipples out been the wave for you males for..forever. we just joining the… https://t.co/PM9ogAcCGV

Blackwell's tweet has gone viral, with other women jumping in to add other thoughts too.

@quenblackwell When Rihanna or another celebrity does it it's seen as BOLD or "making a statement ", but as soon as… https://t.co/TZfxa1gvUO

And other practical, nonsexual reasons why they might wear a see-through top over the summer.

@quenblackwell Bras are so hard to wear when it's hot out I want my boobas to breathe!!

"Everybody got titties! We know they there!"

everybody got titties! we know they there! who gives a fuck if they peepin out lil fuckers need to breathe too https://t.co/Ch6GMEgS4e

The overwhelming responses to @iHateYungJules' tweet spurred him to try to clarify his point. He said he thought the see-through look "is actually fire if done right," and he was just genuinely asking if it was a fashion trend for the summer. BuzzFeed News has reached out to the user.

Nobody is complaining lol I think this look is actually 🔥🔥🔥if done right. Was just trying to see if this was the wave for summer 17 🌊🌊

Whatever the intent may be, his initial tweet has started a real dialogue about women's fashion choices. Some men are suggesting that "knowingly dressing in a provocative way...warrants a specific type of attention."

@sarahilestoner @NancyThotwin @iHateYungJules All I'm saying is that knowingly dressing in a provocative way (damn… https://t.co/RyCxnBCHw2

Which has led people — both women and men — to argue that it shouldn't be a woman's responsibility to curb thirst. Or, at worst, assault.

@E_Wall724 @NancyThotwin @iHateYungJules because we're not going to change how we're dressing for some morons who can't control themselves

"That tweet struck a chord with me because I know some fathers that tell their children to be modest, and that this social construct of modesty translates into sexual safety and purity," Blackwell said.

@E_Wall724 @sarahilestoner @NancyThotwin @iHateYungJules I think their point is no matter HOW they dress, they will… https://t.co/1ZtsI6mmoJ

"They need to change their minds, we don't need to change our clothes," she said of anyone — man or woman — who preys or judges.

Blackwell said she wasn't trying to to single out @iHateYungJules, or hurt his feelings. She was trying to "awaken [his] ignorance," she said.

*looks for the problem* *doesnt see one* https://t.co/sTUD5b7tr9

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