People Are Shook After Footage Showed The Alleged North Korea Killer Wearing An “LOL” Shirt

"The most 2017 assassin ever."

As if the mysterious murder of Kim Jong Nam, the older half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, was not unsettling enough...

On Wednesday, a CCTV still showed the alleged killer of Kim Jong Nam wearing long-sleeve shirt with "LOL" on it.

Exclusive pictures of one of the two North Korean poison needle-wielding female operatives who killed Kim jong-nam…

(Although circumstances around the murder are still unclear and completely shrouded in mystery.)

Folks were like, "well, fuck." If this is not some next-level shit.

There's cold, there's ice-cold, and then there's assassinating someone while wearing a shirt that says LOL.

How much does it suck to be killed by someone who has "LOL" on her shirt.

Some couldn't help but laugh at the sheer brutality and insanity of it all.

The murder woman is wearing a fucking "LOL" shirt I'm done

Many people did note, however, that it was pretty on-trend of her.

woman suspect in kim jong un half brother assassination captured on cctv wearing an "LOL" shirt. welcome to 2017.

2017 turned "lol nothing matters" into a human being

the most 2017 assassin ever

"Beautiful, ironic, milliennial North Korean assassin. We live in a BuzzFeed world now." 👀

Beautiful, ironic, millennial North Korean assassin. We live in Buzzfeed world now.

Although someone thought "LOL" was a bit played-out...which only made it all the more fitting.

How you know Kim Jong-nam was assassinated by North Korea: killer only had access to outdated memes.

Chelsea Peretti thought this was simply the "scariest shirt" someone on their way to an assassination could wear.


The jokes then devolved into wildly inappropriate — but hilarious — territory. People called the alleged killer "goals."

assassin goals

And an "icon."

hashtag iconic

And relatable?????

Fuck this is me

If I was going to assassinate someone, I would definitely wear a shirt with lol on it.

Some people said that if they were to be assassinated, they'd want her to be the killer. Come on, guys.

love her. kill me next baby

I hope my assassin is wearing an LOL tee

This terrifying saga does make for a great YA novel.

So the N Kor assassin is a petite woman wearing an LOL shirt & wielding a syringe of poison. A dozen YA writers started new books today.

Minus all the murder-y stuff.

@GioCBS this is the greatest story ever told. Except for the death part

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