This Weatherman Delivered The Most Straight And Urgent Message About Hurricane Matthew

"This is not hyperbole, and I am not kidding."

As Hurricane Matthew gained dangerous momentum and approached Florida, an anchor at the Weather Channel decided to lay the message out, plain and simple, for people in the hurricane's path who had not yet evacuated. "I am not kidding," he urged.

The @WeatherChannel just aired this unusual message from @TWCBryan, urging evacuations. "This is not hyperbole, and…

"This is like no storm in the record books," Meteorologist and hurricane expert, Bryan Norcross, started his message.

Norcross said he and the Weather Channel were "concerned" over reports that people in mandatory evacuation zones had decided to stay. He looked directly into the camera, and with straight, curt sentences, made a final plea:

He concluded with this final message from The Weather Channel:

This is a message echoed by most news and weather outlets — including a very, er, interesting one from Fox News — but Norcross' poignant and straightforward delivery really resonated with people.

And were sharing it with friends as a last-ditch effort to persuade them to get to safe ground.

You can follow BuzzFeed News' live updates of Hurricane Matthew's activity here.

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