People Waited In Long Lines To Try Amazon Go, A Store Built On The Idea Of Not Having To Wait In Line

*Biggie Smalls voice* What's irony?

Amazon has introduced a new concept to ~disrupt~ traditional grocery and retail stores. On Monday, they opened a store in Seattle called Amazon Go, a store with "no checkout," so "you never have to wait in line," the company said.

The grand opening of the first Amazon Go store in downtown Seattle was met with a lot of excitement from eager shoppers and...a long-ass line.

the line at lunchtime for amazon go #AmazonGo

People waited early in the line — which looked like it wrapped around the store and several blocks — all to get into the store. This was, again, to try the nouveau concept of a store with "no line."

I’m in Seattle and there is currently a line to shop at the grocery store whose entire premise is that you won’t ha…

People could not help but acknowledge the irony.

Go to Amazon Go where you can line up just so you don't have to line up.

Something deeply ironic about people queuing outside the new Amazon Go store. "Amazon Go is a new kind of store wi…

Which is pretty amusing, tbqh.

LOLOLOLOLOL that line at the Amazon go store got me thoroughly amused

It makes you wonder if the company anticipated lines to get into these stores — and if there are ways to mitigate these lines. BuzzFeed News reached out to Amazon to inquire.

The "Just walk in, take what you want and leave" promise from Amazon Go apparently left out the "wait in line" part

Better yet: Perhaps someone should create an app that lets you bypass those lines to bypass those other lines!!!!

So... people stood in line to be the first to not stand in line? Amazon Go: Lines form in Seattle to be among the…

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