A Man's Remix Of Cardi B Saying "Coronavirus" Is Giving People Some Much-Needed Relief — And It's A Bop

"For me to see everyone dancing, smiling, and not living in fear ... that's the greatest thing I can do."

Brandon Davidson, aka DJ iMarkkeyz, is known for turning memes and online moments into full-length songs. But his latest remix of Cardi B screaming about the novel coronavirus is coming at a time when people are yearning for some fun and levity.

The 29-year-old producer and DJ from Brooklyn told BuzzFeed News it's been "heartwarming" to see people dancing and laughing around the world during stressful times.

On Saturday, Davidson posted his "Coronavirus" remix, which samples the rapper saying "coronavirus — shit is real." And it's gone hugely viral. Yes — the topic itself is timely, but the track is actually a huge smash.

Clubs in Brazil have apparently played his song.

Cardi’s coronavirus remix playing in the club in Rio De Janeiro 😭

Davidson said he had already made the beat. So when he heard last week how Cardi said "coronavirus," he immediately knew what to do with it.

"[The beat] was in the tempo of how she said 'coronavirus,' so it kind of matched the beat," he said.

Since then, his song has been played internationally, and the rapper herself has noticed it (and even joked about making a music video to it). Davidson said he's "flabbergasted."

"It was exciting. I had a feeling it would reach her," he added.

People are now doing an unofficial challenge by recording themselves dancing to it and making up choreography. Soccer player Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards have even made headlines dancing to Davidson's remix on TikTok.

Arielle Macedo, captain of Anitta's ballet, created a choreography for the remix of "Coronavirus", by @iamcardib.

"For me to see everyone dancing, smiling, and not living in fear ... that's the greatest thing I can do," said Davidson.

His remix is giving people enough reason to remember dancing and laughter are still necessary when we're in crisis mode.

(Of course, let's all stick to dancing and laughing with some social distance for now.)

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