University Of Chicago Tells Freshmen It Doesn't Support "Trigger Warnings" Or "Safe Spaces"

A letter to the class of 2020 has sparked debate.

The school is now a trending topic on Twitter, and responses from students, alumni, and the public, are mixed.

Some are in full support...

I APPLAUD the UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO's move in sending Freshmen a letter telling them NO PRECIOUS SNOWFLAKES will be tolerated here! FINALLY

Proud to be a part of @UChicago - free exchange of ideas, commitment to rigorous inquiry

...while others are condemning the university's statements, saying they are problematic.

I'm a proud alum of UChicago. And I'm proud because I think the school can be better than that shameful letter.

This is absolutely offensive and shows a basic misunderstanding of both concepts. Disturbing.

@ChicagoMaroon the college considers trauma-based mental illness "discomfort?" fascinating. tell me more actually, please don't

But there is one idea that is unanimous:

UChicago hasn't even started yet and there is already a ton of drama over this letter

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