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People Are Trolling The GOP Over Mike Pence's Group Selfie

"Wow. So white people. Very alarms. Much scare."

Posted on November 17, 2016, at 1:01 p.m. ET

Mike Pence held a selfie stick for a large Republican group selfie on Thursday, and people stayed ready with jokes.

Great having @mike_pence visit today! I’m excited to work with him and @realDonaldTrump to shake up the status quo…

People were particularly trolling a tweet from the official @HouseGOP account, who shared a special ~behind the scenes~ photo of the group selfie with the caption, "UNIFIED."

Someone immediately thought of the iconic photo featured in The Shining.

(Fun fact: The black and white photo from 1921 was a real photo that Jack Nicholson was later photoshopped into for the movie.)

Which just opened more Shining references and more photoshopping.

"@joss: @HouseGOP @ParkerMolloy @HouseGOP why, YOURE the Vice President. You've ALWAYS been the Vice President here…

A lot of people called out how "white" the photo was.

“@HouseGOP: UNIFIED. ” Wow. So white people. Very alarms. Much scare.

@housegop Let me fix the contrast in that photo a little bit

@wez @HouseGOP + the official mascot of white people - The selfie stick

@HouseGOP so diverse! There’s more than one woman and omg, do I see a guy under 50 in there?!

Although one person pointed out there was a person of color in the room, just barely making it in the selfie.

@rippleintime17 @HouseGOP there's at least one PoC, but not in selfie

@HouseGOP @mike_pence @SpeakerRyan I found a black guy!

There he is.

Although Democrats have also been criticized and called on to racially diversify Congress, reports show a much less diverse Republican party.

@HouseGOP @mike_pence @SpeakerRyan @GOPLeader You guys really need a little more diversity in your party. Not one person of color, really?

So, in short: