This Guy Was Sick On Picture Day So He Asked His Twin Brother To Pose For Him And They Duped Everyone

The twins told BuzzFeed News no one could tell the difference.

Marcus and Malcolm Williams are 21-year-old twin brothers from South Carolina. It's been two years since they graduated high school, but they only recently revealed a small but hilarious stunt they pulled off before they graduated.

Marcus and Malcolm are identical twins, so in 2016, when Marcus had to miss picture day at school because he was sick, he had an idea.

"I called Malcolm from home and we discussed how we were going to make the picture work without getting caught," he told BuzzFeed News.

Malcolm showed up and posed twice for both his school photo and his twin's. "I was known to be the more serious twin, so in my photo he made the blank face that I always had on my face in order to sell it," Marcus added.

To confirm, the photo identified as "Malcolm Williams" is Malcolm himself, and the one identified as "Marcus Williams" is also Malcolm.

Malcolm told BuzzFeed News that neither school faculty nor any photographer asked for an ID, so he just showed up twice.

"I came to take the second picture [aka his own picture] five minutes later," he said.

They didn't tell anyone for two years. "Nobody else knew about us doing this — we actually kept it a secret until Marcus posted it to his social media," Malcolm said.

my twin is the GOAT 😂😂he took both of our pics for Picture day back in HS when I was sick

Not only do their classmates and teachers presumably know about it now, but so does everyone else. Marcus's tweet has gone hugely viral.

"We honestly don’t even know how we kept it a secret for that long, basically over two years," Malcolm said, laughing.

Marcus then went into full admission and said the two of them would go to each other's classes and switch IDs sometimes just for fun.

The two now bond over community activism and volunteer work, which they document on their shared Facebook page called The Twin Villager.

The twins said they have not yet heard from any teachers or peers from school. However, online strangers are extremely amused.

@marcus6096 @Williams2k16 I don't know why that's so funny to me... twins really be doing "twin shit" 😂 that's dope

@marcus6096 @Williams2k16 Photographer: ok go ahead and smile real big for me malcom. Ok great job. Whos next.....marcus? Your brother:

And other twins could really relate.

@marcus6096 @Williams2k16 Love being a twin. Greatest gift ever to have a #RideOrDie for life that's known you since the womb, right @umajmishra? We switched classes, tried to trick our teachers, and got each other out of trouble whenever we could. #TwinsWin #twinsies #sisters

I sucked at math and my twin sucked at English so we switched classes to help teach other out.

But #NotAllTwins. "Can't even ask my twin for a ride to the airport. Smh."

Can’t even ask my twin for a ride to the airport. Smh

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