13 Of Donald Trump’s Infamous Debate Phrases That Actually Make Great Band Names

Turning lead into gold, they say!

1. "Bad Hombres"

2. "You're The Puppet"

You're the Puppet another dope band name. #Debatenight

3. "Chinese Steel"

"Chinese Steel" is a decent line of attack and also sounds like an '80s hair band name

4. "Bigly"

Hang on, I just filed for trademark on my new band name: Bigly Smalls

5. (See also: "Bad Bigly Hombres")

BAD BIGLY HOMBRES is the name of my new band #debatenight

6. "Fiction Lies"

7. "Outsmarted By Putin"

Outsmarted By Putin is my new band name. #debatenight

8. "Poisoned The Blood Of The Youth"

Poisoning The Blood Of The Youth is a good band name #debatenight

9. "Obviously Rigged"

And, of course...

10. "Such A Nasty Woman"

"Such A Nasty Woman" is obviously my new band name, but you can all be in my band if you want.

11. "Nasty Woman"

Nasty Woman would be a good riot grrl band name tbh.

12. "The Nasty Women"

HRC and the Nasty Women is not the worst band name in the world https://t.co/yUncZcewg2

13. "President Nasty And The Bad Hombres"

President Nasty and the Bad Hombres is my new band name #ImWithHer #ImWithNasty

Reunion tour!

"Poisoning the blood of their youth" "Rip the baby out of the womb" "Bad hombres" Man, Trump offering some FIRE metal album titles