Donald Trump Honored Hillary And Bill Clinton At His Luncheon With A Standing Ovation

"I have a lot of respect for those two people," President Trump said.

Newly inaugurated President Trump asked the entire room at his luncheon to give a standing ovation to the Clintons, who attended Trump's special inaugural event.

"I was very honored — very, very honored — when I heard that President Bill Clinton and Secretary Hillary Clinton [were] coming today," he said. Trump then asked the room to stand up.

After Trump did not acknowledge Hillary in his official inauguration speech, people on both sides of the aisle were surprised to hear it at the Congressional Luncheon. Some felt the move was very "classy" of the new president.

Trump just had people stand at the Congressional Luncheon to applaud Hillary. First classy move I've seen him make. More of that, please.

Very classy of Trump to salute Hillary and ask everyone to stand and applaud her

Wow. Quite a moment there. Pres. Trump says he is honoured Bill & Hillary Clinton are here- asks them to stand- they get standing ovation

While others were more cautiously skeptical.

Trump said he has a lot of respect for Hillary? I thought he said a few months back she should be in prison. lol

On 1/13, Trump called Hillary Clinton "guilty as hell." As POTUS today, he says of her & Bill "I have a lot of respect for those 2 ppl"

The tribute was shockingly "magnanimous" for most people, as Trump commonly referred to his former opponent as "Crooked Hillary" only a few months ago.

Magnanimous move by President Trump to recognize and lead applause for Hillary Clinton, a woman he spent months calling “crooked."