A Travel Influencer Is Admitting To Photoshopping Her Photos After People Noticed Multiple Instagrams With The Same Cloud Formation

"I really don't see the big deal [here], I never lied about it."

A travel blogger with over 280,000 followers on Instagram has admitted to photoshopping her photos to add clouds into the background after screenshots of her account went viral.

Tupi Saravia of Buenos Aires told BuzzFeed News she uses a photo-editing app to enhance or impose clouds into her photos if the camera can't pick them up.

Her account became the subject of mass speculation and jokes online when screenshots of some of her posts started going viral in other spaces.

"I can't believe how far this went," Saravia wrote via email with laughing-crying emojis. "I used an app called Quickshot to help the composition of the photograph when the sky is burned or overexposed."

This travel ‘influencer’ spookily has the same clouds in every photo. 😲🤔😆

Quickshot is a free and quick photo-editing app that has a feature called Sky Control, which puts clouds into a photo.

Saravia said she tends to use the same cloud patterns from the app, even though there are several other options with different patterns. "I just happened to like that one," she said.

She also said that photoshopping is something she's always been open about. She even claimed that she helped one of her followers edit an image with the same software.

"They were always aware about this because I never hide it," she said of her followers. "I always tell [them] the apps I use."

She added, "Actually I'm the first one to tell the joke [that] the clouds are following me around the world."

People online are also laughing over the spectacle.

@MattNavarra She’s able to influence consumers and weather patterns

However, some people are really upset by Saravia's practice and this new reality.

"Why we end here on social media!? Faking all the photos!? I can point other users doing this, as a photographer I can't stand this," one user wrote.

"Oh, the integrity of influencers..." another person quipped.

@MattNavarra This really bums me out. There’s so many people who want what she has: a fabricated online reality 😔

Saravia seems genuinely confused by the negative responses.

"I really don't see the big deal [here], I never lied about it," she said. "I haven’t done anything wrong, and it was never my intention."

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