This Woman Said A Pilot Asked Her To Remove Her Shirt And "Black Panther" Hat

When she didn't comply, she said they kicked her off the flight.

Amanda Stevens is a 28-year-old freelance journalist who was traveling from New York City to Chicago on Wednesday via a United Airlines flight.

As she was boarding the flight, she told BuzzFeed News a flight attendant took her out of the line. She said the flight attendant told her the pilot requested she change, or turn inside out, the shirt she was wearing.

Dear @united this shirt shouldn't make your pilot uncomfortable enough to warrant having me spoken to and told to t…

Stevens said the attendant told her, "You did nothing wrong, however our pilot has expressed concerns and discomfort over the shirt you’re wearing."

“Are you being serious right now?" Stevens said she asked.

She complied and turned her shirt, which was a design collaboration between PacSun and rapper A$AP Rocky, inside out.

When Stevens was finally able to board her plane, she claimed the pilot shot her a "smug" look when they crossed paths.

He didn't seem that bothered to give me a smug look when he walked past me to the bathroom @united

Moments later, the attendant approached Stevens again and said the pilot had concerns with her hat as well.

And now I am being told I can't wear my hat @united this is unreal and fucking racist

Stevens was wearing a Black Panther-branded cap, which she confirmed to BuzzFeed News was a product of the Marvel superhero franchise and not the social organization.

Stevens, at this point, said, "I’m cursing to myself about how absurd this situation is.”

When she refused to take off her hat, the attendant asked her de-board the plane for failing to comply with orders.

Stevens said her flight was for 1:00 p.m. and the next flight wasn't until 5:00 p.m., on which she was then able to finally board and fly with no issue.

United Airlines offered her a first-class upgrade for her return flight for her troubles, but they are still reviewing the case if any further action needs to be taken against the pilot or other parties involved.

Stevens said she's not speaking out with a monetary or political agenda. She just wants people to respect her and "do right," she said.

The pilot feels "uncomfortable" @united I didn't know he has to look at me while he flies. I feel uncomfortable having a racist pilot

“I’m not a tit-for-tat person," she said. "People think I’m in this for money or free flights or some political agenda, nope."

"I like wearing my A$AP Rocky shirt and I just picked a baseball cap that went with the majority of my clothes," she explained.

She also added that because she's trans, she usually goes through more than one security screening or checkpoint, and this should suggest she poses no threat.

"No matter what I get two screenings whenever I fly," Stevens said. "I’m the least likely person to have additional material on me."

Stevens' tweets has also caused people to question and criticize her gender and racial identities, but she said she expected as much.

Thanks for the support. Fuck the hate. I just want to be in Chicago focused on work.

"My father is black, my mom is Caucasian, and people assume I’m Middle Eastern," she said. "I’ve always grown up with problems, I've always dealt with racism."

"I do not pass as a cisgender woman — I don’t have the money that Caitlyn Jenner has and I know that’s going to get me a lot of hate," she said.

"But I’ve been respectful to everyone tweeting at me with hate," she added.

In a statement to BuzzFeed News, a spokesperson for United Airlines said they are in contact with Stevens and they have "zero tolerance for discrimination."

"We are in contact with Ms. Stevens to discuss this matter further," the statement read. "Both United and SkyWest hold our employees to the highest standards of professionalism and have zero tolerance for discrimination."

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