A Woman Sent Her Dog To Daycare To Help Him Socialize During Quarantine, And She Got So Much More Than She Expected

This is not spon for the doggy daycare. It is news because you also need to know about this!

A smiling woman holds a happy dog in her lap

Natasha Serrano got way more than she asked for (in the best way) when she enrolled her 1-year-old dog Ryder at a nearby doggy daycare last week.

"With quarantine hitting it was hard to socialize him with other dogs," Serrano, who lives in San Luis Obispo, California, told BuzzFeed News over email. So on a friend's recommendation, she signed Ryder up at a place called Springdale Pet Ranch.

"He was so scared to go in and crying," she said about dropping him off on his first day last Tuesday. "But then we received pictures of him smiling and playing with his buddies."

In fact, not only had Ryder quickly made friends in doggy daycare, Serrano said, she received an extensive report card after his first day. It included notes about his overall health and demeanor and a list of the names of his dog friends.

She was told a group of dog friends was called a "pawsee."

A report card shows comments about Ryder's time in daycare, including about his demeanor and other dog friends he made

The staff even sent her a photo of Ryder and his pawsee.

"My whole family screamed reading the report because it seems so unreal," she said.

Ryder and other dogs hang out at daycare while Serrano's face appears over them

"When he comes home, we say [Ryder's friends'] names and he runs around looking for them," she added. According to Serrano, the daycare will send a report card as often as the owner requests them.

She said they even have themed parties once a month where dogs are asked to come in costume.

Serrano was so overwhelmed and overjoyed with all of this that she immediately shared the experience to TikTok, where's it has quickly gone viral. She even detailed how the daycare had asked if she packed Ryder a lunch on his first day.


my dog is literally going to school and they asked if I PACKED HIM A LUNCH

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Commenters are asking "to see tomorrow’s report card and updates, and the day after that and after that and just every day."

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