People Are Uncomfortable After Looking At This Japanese Artist's Intricate Food Carving

"This kind of pisses me off and I don't know why."

Japanese artist Gaku has perfected the longstanding art of "mukimono" — a unique tradition in Japan of carving designs into fruits and vegetables. I mean, look at it. It's pretty fucking cool.

Folks around the world are being newly introduced to the talented artist and the craft. Some of them have...other kinds of feelings about it.

People are impressed with Gaku's delicate hand, but they're also feeling a bit...unsettled...looking at at his art.

This is cool but also inexplicably creeping me out

This really makes me uneasy

Descriptors like "creepy" and "terrifying" are being used a lot.

@Colossal @n0x00 that's kinda creepy tbh

@NerdyAsians @hellomizzyy This is terrifying

And people are confused about why they are having such a strong, visceral reaction to it.

@Colossal @modelady24 This triggers some serious chills in my body for some reason. Its almost creepy.

The struggle to figure it out is pretty hilarious, tbh. "This kind of pisses me off and I don't know why."

This kind of pisses me off and I don't know why

"I want to punch this food."

"Give me whatever this man is on."

give me whatever this man is on

"When the acid kicks in."

When the acid kicks in

Some found the intricate, geometric cuts to be pleasing and displeasing at the same time.

this is uncomfortable and satisfying at the same time

While others just wanted to set it all on fire. Which could be an impulse driven by trypophobia, a fear or an emotional response to images of clusters of holes.

So unnatural, they're hard to look at

This triggers my trypophobia.

My trypophobia is literally shaking rn

I'd suggest you look through Gaku's incredible Instagram feed, but maybe first take a lap. Breathe.

@Colossal this makes me want to vomit idk why

The artist also carves delicate, awe-inspiring designs out of fruits and vegetables that aren't as triggering.

UPDATE: Gaku spoke to BuzzFeed Japan and said he is a self-taught food-carving artist, and learned about "the world of carving five or six years ago."

@Colossal @carnivorous8008 this is the future the liberals want

“I’m a chef, but I don’t use the skill at work at all, since carving is just my hobby," he added.

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