This Guy Shared A Hack For Avoiding Parking Tickets And People Are Freaking Out

"If I don't get a ticket because an officer doesn't check, I believe I finessed the system," he told BuzzFeed News.

This is 19-year-old TJ Azodeh. He's currently pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Houston, but he's already devised a pretty ingenious system for himself.

Azodeh has avoided getting parking tickets on campus by slipping an old parking ticket on his windshield after he parks his car. Its an idea that's seen a 100% success rate, he told BuzzFeed News.

On Wednesday, while he was parking to pick up food, he decided to take a photo and share his trick on Twitter. He thought it would amuse some of his followers.

But as you can see, his tweet has gone viral, with over 40,000 retweets currently.

"For some reason I decided to put it on Twitter, I don't know," he said. "I was expecting like five retweets."

"Now my entire phone is freezing up," he added.

As you can imagine, people were not only amused, but enlightened.

@ItssTeeJay oh my god. This is revolutionary. I now regret throwing away the two tickets I've already received

@ItssTeeJay I'm gonna start doing this omg

While other people who have done the trick themselves attested to its success.

Someone was immediately inspired to try it... but it didn't work for them.

Azodeh told BuzzFeed News he's fully aware that him putting this out there publicly will ultimately blow up his spot, but he's not nervous about any consequences.

Everybody saying it doesn't work speak for your own university

"I'm aware it takes advantage of the laziness in people, and cops not doing their job," he said. "But if I don't get a ticket because an officer doesn't check, I believe I finessed the system."

And yes, Azodeh is also aware you can get double-ticketed.

@ItssTeeJay they gonna put a ticket on top of that ticket

But if, or when, that day comes, he said he will have no issue paying a parking ticket. Or two.

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