This Guy Made A $200 Decision To Break Into His Home So He Could Walk His Dog

A $200 decision he made without batting an eye.

This is 17-year-old Ty Parker and his dog, Forrest Gump. They live in Los Angeles, and go on about six walks a day together because "it's just him and I in a small studio apartment," he told BuzzFeed News.

So over the weekend, when Parker got home and couldn't find his keys, he freaked out. He realized he had been gone for almost nine hours that day and knew his puppy needed a walk.

So instead of going back out to find his keys, he decided to take apart his door lock...

And break into his own home.

So he could take Forrest for a walk.

Parker told BuzzFeed News his stunt will likely cost him $200 to replace the lock and $600-900 to replace his entire door but he did it all "without thinking," he said.

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