This #BootBae Drama After A Woman Stuck Her Boot Up For Her Man Is Really Something

And the woman who got boot-baed is now speaking out.

It's only February, and 2017 has already given us Salt Bae, Hurt Bae, and Stranded Bae. We now have a story that features a new character whom people are calling "Boot Bae." The story comes with a bit of drama — but we'll get there.

In a clip that's gone massively viral, a woman is seen instinctively sticking up her thigh-high boot to another woman approaching her man during what looked like a runway show:

When you got a girl who doesn't play that 😂

It's unclear who filmed the clip and shared it first online, but the tweet from user @MikeChosen1 has already been retweeted more than 142,000 times.

People were both inspired and floored by the woman's motion.

@YOiberlina @MikeChosen1 lmaooo she put the STOP sign up lol

People called it an assassin-like, "Mortal Kombat-level quality moment."

@MikeChosen1 The most flawless thing I've ever seen. This is a Mortal Kombat-level quality moment. LMFAO.😂😂😂

Any woman that has the instinct to stop a chick in mid stride with her foot is an assassin fam #bootbae

Just like that, #BootBae was born. Hilarious references were made, like to Nivea's "Don't Mess With My Man."

And the "Stay in Your Lane" gospel.

Lil Mama: Can I borrow your man for a minute? #BootBae:

And ofc, SpongeBob.

When she bout to approach ya man. #bootbae

There was a lot of discussion about what went down in the six-second clip. People thought the woman approaching the boyfriend was completely in the wrong.

@MikeChosen1 why would you even try that and you see his arm on her leg ? Girls be trying it lol smh

Others thought Boot Bae took it to another level it didn't have to get to.

Im sorry but #bootbae would have her foot snapped in half if that was me. Don't put your foot on me, tf 😂😂😂

And then there were sympathizers to Boot Bae's bae, who joked that he got a handful and/or a mouthful afterward.

When #bootbae and her man got in the car to go home

But the woman on the receiving end of the heel has a different story, and doesn't think it's all jokes.

"I was supposed to do something to entice the crowd to get my bids up and I didn't really notice the couple," Smith explained. "I just saw a guy."

She said when the man's girlfriend stuck her boot heel to her, she didn't think too much of it and just kept it moving.

"In the moment I thought, Oh OK, she's not a cool with this, it's whatever," Smith said.

To her, that was that, but the internet was just getting started. That moment was immediately turned into meme fodder.

You wouldn't have to drop kick a hoe if you don't bring your man to a date auction #bootbae

Don't do it, you gon die ...😂 #BootBae

Then, in a plot twist no one suspected, Smith got on Twitter and claimed she really wanted "her," aka Boot Bae, and "not her man."

I really wanted her not her man 🤷🏽‍♀️ but it's whatever

Her single tweet's been retweeted more than 10,000 times, and folks were like, what?!

RT @JordanOhhMyy: I really wanted her not her man 🤷🏽‍♀️ but it’s whatever

Come again?

"i wanted her not her man" #bootbae

man oh man would y'all look at that #BootBae

Some even rewatched the clip closely to re-read the intentions and body language.

Me after watching the video 10 times and not seeing where she really wanted #bootbae instead of her man

"If she wanted her...why was the trajectory of her walk aimed at his dick...?" - me after a 5th viewing of #BootBae

Still, there were skeptics. Smith told BuzzFeed that it wasn't a ploy or lie to save face — she was intending it to be a joke. "It was just humor to cut the tension," she stressed.

@ygselena @Keabie_S Lies. She said that so tweeps wouldn't crucify her.

While she's not too surprised by all the social media attention around it, she is startled by all the negativity. "All the name-calling isn't needed from people who don't know me," she said.

That's funny. But see... 1. Ole girl was BOLD AF for walking up on him with his OBVIOUS girl right there. These hoes got nerves. ALSO...

Moreover, Smith is not concerned about the drama as long as it brings more attention and funds to the Nigerian Student Association at UH.

But only two other issues remain: 1) Where is everyone getting these fly-ass, over-the-knee boots?

for everyone else dying over #bootbae's incredible boots, they're currently on sale

And where are the baes for everyone else? :(

There's been #SaltBae, #HurtBae, #StrandedBae, and #BootBae, but I still have #NoBae.

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