People Are Adorably Gassing Up Their Partners After This Guy Said His Girl Is “Finer Than Yours”

"This thread/comments got me feeling single AF."

Cordell Shepperd and his 19-year-old girlfriend Diana Alfaro have been dating for a few months. Shepperd loves and appreciates Alfaro a lot.

So last week, he tweeted this casual selfie of him and Alfaro and wrote "My girl finer than yours." This is a fairly "regular tweet" for him, so he was surprised to see how viral it became, he said.

My girl finer than yours 🤷🏾‍♂️

@dellhoops / Twitter / Via Twitter: @dellhoops

It first gained attention because his friend Erik Hernandez, 18, saw the tweet and wanted to mess with him a bit. Hernandez responded to Shepperd's tweet with a photo of his girlfriend, Alina Campos, and said, "I beg to differ."

@eKick_ / Twitter / Via Twitter: @eKick_

Shepperd then responded back with another photo of Alfaro and said, "You sure?"

@dellhoops / Twitter / Via Twitter: @dellhoops

"positive" —Hernandez

@eKick_ / Twitter / Via Twitter: @eKick_

"I disagree" —Shepperd

@dellhoops / Twitter / Via Twitter: @dellhoops

This went on for a while publicly. Hernandez was just having a running joke with his friend, but he was very sincere about hyping up his girlfriend of nine months. "She's such an amazing person," he told BuzzFeed News.

The banter had everyone laughing, and soon other guys were sharing pics of their relationships and significant others.

@dellhoops Thats it, I win. yall can stop now💁🏽‍♂️

@Emilleo17 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Emilleo17

"I really like y'all confidence in [sic] all... but my baby holds the crown," one partner wrote.

@dellhoops i really like y'all confidence in all... but my baby holds the crown 🤷🏾‍♂️

@atkeelo / Twitter / Via Twitter: @atkeelo

And it wasn't only guys. "You gotta appreciate this beauty. I'm pretty lucky," this person chimed in about her girlfriend.

@cwooddall @elchino_59 @euroasian05 @cornisnasty @jhiiid @iamtjp11 @dellhoops You gotta appreciate this beauty 😍🤤 I…

@ericacoleman21 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @ericacoleman21

Noah Frasier, 19, told BuzzFeed News he decided to drop in a pic of his boyfriend, 17-year-old Jordan, "because I felt that Jordan's appearance matched his soul and that everyone should see that."

@dellhoops I'm sorry but my boyfriends finer than all of y'all girlfriends💙

@Pabl0929 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Pabl0929

"He is the most beautiful, talented, and amazing person I know," Frasier added.

In the replies to Shepperd's tweet, everyone else was trying to challenge him by playing PR for their partners.

@jhiiid / Twitter / Via Twitter: @jhiiid

@cwooddall @elchino_59 @euroasian05 @cornisnasty @jhiiid @iamtjp11 @dellhoops Glad you all love y'all girls but LOO…

@ericacoleman21 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @ericacoleman21
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Although some guys got even goofier about it.

@REALTOWBY @haholland29 @_maidenform @Emilleo17 @dellhoops @jazmyne_rosee I mean my girl won sorry y’all

@Father_Belknap / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Father_Belknap

@MirThe1st @smoothshootaa @dellhoops Ehhh I think I got y'all beat🤷🏾‍♂️😂💀

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The entire thread has a lot of people feeling emotional.

to the guys in this're doing amazing.

@myabriellee / Twitter / Via Twitter: @myabriellee

The replies to this tweet are killing me 😭 so cute

@fabuloushannahh / Twitter / Via Twitter: @fabuloushannahh

Others have been reminded of how single they are.

this thread/comments got me feeling single af 😂

@_aidanflynn / Twitter / Via Twitter: @_aidanflynn

And how excessive people are being — "All y'all girls are beautiful, damn. We get it."

@dellhoops All y'all girls are beautiful, damn. We get it

@califl0werr / Twitter / Via Twitter: @califl0werr

We gettttttt itttttttttttttttttttttt. (No, but really, this is truly precious. You are all doing amazing, sweeties.)

@king_Marcus11 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @king_Marcus11
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