The Pete Buttigieg "High Hopes" Dance Has Become A Meme, Making It Fun But Not Any Less Dorky

I just tried it to a Travis Scott song. And it works!

By now you may have seen the very spirited choreographed dance to Panic! at the Disco's "High Hopes" that Pete Buttigieg's supporters showed off a few months ago.

Team @PeteButtigieg showing off their dance moves early this morning ahead of today’s #SteakFry in Iowa.

Since then, it's been performed at all kinds of rallies and events for the 2020 presidential hopeful across the country. The dancing supporters seem to like it, but a lot of other people hate it so much.

...meanwhile, during the #PeteSummit lunch break #teampete #highhopes

(BuzzFeed News has reached out to Pete Buttigieg's campaign team for comment and to clarify if it's an official campaign dance.)

Is it a very dorky dance? Yes. I'm asserting no political bias here. Many presidential political campaigns develop dances or cheers for their volunteers, and they all will inevitably be dorky.

This one is, at the very least, versatile. It requires very little rhythm and no real athletic or dancing abilities, and it can be performed to any song and on any occasion.

Because of that, it's now become a meme.

All over America, young people are learning a new dance. It’s not “the dab” or “the whip and then shanaenae”, it’s the mayor Pete Buttigeg dance, a hip modern routine set to panic! at the disco smash “high hopes”

i replaced “High Hopes” with “Roman Holiday” by Nicki Minaj i did what needed to be done

So are you going to embarrass yourself trying to learn the "Hit Dem Folks" dance, or are you going to accept that this is a very realistic dance range for you?

Here’s me doing the Pete Buttigieg dance to All I Want for Christmas is You performed by Toad

I learned it in one watch of the clip.

And — again, because it's not really uniquely synchronized to "High Hopes" — it can be done to any song currently playing in your headphones right now.

Doing the Mayor Pete High Hopes dance to Turnover

Me doing the hip new trend, the Pete buttigieg dance, or as I like to call it “the neoliberal shuffle”

when you’re thrown into the dance circle but you only know the Pete Buttigieg hype dance

You can resent me for endorsing this dance, but when you're put on the spot at a party, whether it's to YNW Melly or Brad Paisley, you'll see.

Imagine showing up to the club and everyone is doing the Pete Buttigieg dance

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