This Guy Secretly Filmed Himself And His Girlfriend Jamming Out To Prince And It's Adorable

People are in love with the video that they say shows the young, "carefreeness" of being in love.

Marc Castillo, 23, and his 21-year-old girlfriend Des Lynae are from San Diego. Earlier this year, the couple celebrated their anniversary by going out to eat. But when they got home from dinner, they were both still hungry.

Des Lynae

So the two decided to make more food at home, or as Lynae put it to BuzzFeed News, "we decided to make a follow-up meal."

Lynae put on some tunes in the background, and then Prince's "Kiss" came on.

As Lynae was singing and dancing along to the song, Castillo started secretly recording her. He quickly joined her. The couple went from cooking to a full-out jam sesh.

"I was trying to finish cooking a 15-minute meal that ended up taking an entire hour because we were dancing and singing so much," Lynae said.

Lynae was a lil' annoyed when she found out her boyfriend recorded the whole thing. But when she watched it back, she decided to put it on her Tumblr 'cause the video simply made her really happy.

"I posted it for me to simply look back on whenever I needed a reason to smile," she said.

"Young black love," she captioned the video.

For a while, the video sat quietly on her page — and appeared to truly be for Lynae's eyes only.

But randomly — and only in the last few weeks, really — the video went viral on Tumblr. People who've come across it are so smitten with Lynae and Castillo.

The video currently has over 32,000 notes.

And it's making people both reminiscent of past relationships, and hopeful for future ones.

Someone described the video as "this feeling of carefreeness and being with someone that takes all the weight of the world feeling off your shoulders and lets you be happy with life."

"It shows just how amazing it is to completely be yourself with the person that you love," Lynae said in response to all of the comments.

Many others are just really impressed with Castillo's moves, "which cracks me up every time that I watch it because it's one of my favorite things about him," Lynae said.

Des Lynae