People Are Calling This Guy Glaring At Donald Trump The Real Winner Of The Debate

This man is the only relatable person at the event.

Fact: There was a lot of clutter, noise, and actual yelling during the second US presidential debate on Sunday night. One may say there were NO winners who came out on top of the rubble.

But amid all the clutter, people found one man at the debates they could actually relate to.

As Trump answered a question and looked out to the audience, one man looked back at him — no, one man glared back at him.

I think this dude just flipped to "decided voter"

And he almost instantly became the real winner of the event.

"Why they got me out here for this bullllshit? Could have been home watching Luke Cage." #debate

Because his face spoke. And it said that he is 100% done.

This guy is so done with the Donald. #debates

LOL-- This guy is fucking pissssssed!

People even started calling him "Gordon" from Sesame Street. 😭

Gordon from @sesamestreet HAS 👏🏽 HAD 👏🏽 IT 👏🏽 #debate #Debates2016

Damn, Gordon from Sesame Street is pissed. I think Hillary just gained another vote. #debate

watching whiteness work stressful “@soniamariesays: Gordon from @sesamestreet HAS 👏🏽 HAD 👏🏽 IT 👏🏽 #debate ”

Whoever you are, sir, you are clearly the winner and hero of this messy debate.

Can we let this man ask a question please? #Debate

This guy is the true hero of this #Debate.

I mean, this guy obviously won the #debate.

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