A Texas Man Returned Home To Play His Piano In A Flooded House And It Has People Emotional

The powerful video has inspired many, including singer Vanessa Carlton, to see the "beauty in the suffering."

Friendswood, Texas, resident Aric Harding returned to his flooded home on Wednesday to pick up toys for his seven children. There, he stopped to play the piano. In a video he shared to Instagram that's gone viral, Harding reflected and wrote, "I think it's all finally sinking in a little. What we used to have going as a city is gone."

"I am excited to see the new beauty in the suffering," he wrote. And many others saw a glimmer of beauty amid the devastation.

People were so moved they're offering to purchase Harding and his family a new piano.

Heartbreaking. I want to find this man and buy him a piano. 💔 https://t.co/d2oHiBm58L

I'll help you buy a new piano. https://t.co/P93cetI7L6

Uh is there a kickstarter or gofundme started yet to buy this man a new piano? Because he deserves one. https://t.co/sQwSKaCj4u

Vanessa Carlton has also pitched in on the effort.

'Beauty in the suffering': His house submerged in water, he sits at... @yamahapianos we need to get him a piano. https://t.co/VSVoj8TzsY

On Thursday, Harding and other residents began efforts to tear down and restore damaged homes in their neighborhood. All of the homes on his street had also been flooded, he told CNN.

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