Terrifying Baseball-Sized Hail Is Causing Massive Damage In Colorado And Has Killed Two Zoo Animals

Fourteen people reportedly sustained injuries from the storm, and a vulture and a duck sadly died at a local zoo.

A dangerous storm that produced baseball-sized hail pelted down on Colorado Springs on Monday. The storm caused massive damage, injured 14 people, and even killed two animals at the local zoo.

@spann big hail storm here on Fort Carson, Co

A news release provided to BuzzFeed News by Cheyenne Mountain Zoo reported that there were "human and animal injuries, including two animal deaths" caused by a severe thunderstorm that produced large hailstones.

Nine people were sent to the hospital with injuries sustained from the hail, and five others were treated at the scene, said the Colorado Springs Fire Department.

Sadly, two zoo animals — a 13-year-old Cape vulture named Motswari and 4-year-old Daisy, a Muscovy duck — died in the storm.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo representatives said they immediately rushed guests and animals to a shelter during the "unprecedented storm." A number of employees at the zoo were injured in the process.

The hail is huge in southern #Colorado right now

One video showed scared bears at the zoo running to safety as the massive hailstones slammed into water.

Bears at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo run for shelter as softball-sized hailstones pound exhibit https://t.co/9Lzznce9cp (Courtesy: Christine Barkalow) https://t.co/7AXQF5HioO

The city is also recovering from significant infrastructure damage from the hail. Images of badly damaged cars and buildings were being shared across social media.

This is the result of baseball-size hail Our photographer james_long_photography found this in Colorado Springs near Cheyenne Mountain Zoo which was pummeled today #cowx #hail #damage #insurance https://t.co/BHFAFNyn9a

Woman being taken away by ambulance after hail smashed windshield on Hwy 115 south of Colorado Springs

We're getting our first good look at the extent of hail damage at the @CheyenneMtnZoo in Colorado Springs. The zoo is closed today after two animals were killed and more than a dozen people were hurt. PHOTOS: https://t.co/O5llIoc9x4 https://t.co/cAnBTDsiwT

People took photos of a single chunk of hail next to an actual baseball for scale.

Baseball sized hail right now!! Cars are fine but some of my friends’ windshields were shattered!

#COWX hail in the Broadmoor Bluffs/Glen area

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo closed its facilities to the public on Tuesday and is assessing whether it will remain closed for the rest of the week as it's currently "in full assessment and recovery mode."

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