This Mom Sent Her College Teen A Care Package Of Trash He Was Supposed To Take Out

Damn, Terri.

This is 18-year-old Connor Cox with his mom, Terri, who lives in Leonardtown, Maryland. Connor is currently attending Westminster College in Pennsylvania.

A few weeks ago, Cox received a package in the mail from his mom that he thought was a ~care package~ of necessities and goodies.

"I was thrilled, because it's like Christmas when you get mail from family when you're in college," he told BuzzFeed News.

Excited, Cox quickly tore open the box and thought to himself that there was a lot of "wrapping" or some kind of tissue paper used to conceal what was inside.

Well, there was a lot of tissue — used tissue. His used tissues. It turned out that his mom had sent him a package of trash he was too lazy to take out when he was home for the holiday break.

As if this weren't already peak parental savagery, after Connor shared the box of trash on Twitter, his sister Mackenzie chimed in to further explain it was trash left all over his bedroom floor. And that Terri was "very proud of herself" for this.

@thedeal_5 Actually it was the trash you left on your floor. she was v proud of herself hahaha

Connor then admitted — and dug himself in a deeper, guiltier hole — that the trash on the floor was only one portion of the trash he was supposed to take out.

"Most of the trash was hidden in my clothes drawers," he said.

Connor said he and his mom were ultimately able to laugh about it. "My mom always had a huge sense of humor," he added.

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