Um, There's A New Trend Where Teens Are Roasting Each Other And Yelling "Huh!"

But not all teens: Some are calling the trend “mean."

If you're wondering what some young people are doing at school nowadays, here is your answer.

You see, there's a new ~internet trend~ where friends and classmates are dragging one another and filming it.

It's called the "Huh Challenge" and usually involves someone going around calling people out, then shouting "Huhhhhhhhh."

You can thank this video specifically, which went viral last week, for possibly being the first documented #HuhChallenge roast in history.

Quickly thereafter, it inspired a bunch of other people to do the same. Teens are now running around with a camera, surprise-roasting everyone they encounter, and cutting together their best roasts in videos.

#huhchallenge amosc:kim_skates cuz thats where I post these

It's everywhere, and no one is safe. They're even bringing it home and roasting their family members.

Don't be mistaken, we love eachother😉 #huhchallenge ft.bro

MY MOM MAKES ME LAUGH OMG AHHAHA #huhchallenge #thehuhchallenge

There are even Twitter accounts dedicated to aggregating the best (and equally worst) Huh Challenges. Interestingly, Twitter apparently suspended the first and original @TheHuhChallenge account.

The new trend can be done in good humor...

But some people are finding it bothersome and flat-out mean.

While others are thoroughly enjoying this mass Snapchat movement.

But not everyone is jumping on the trend to take one another down ;) — they're putting a more positive spin on it.

But no matter how you feel about it (or if you're still confused, like the rest of us) one thing is certain.