A Teen Is Being Called "Petty" For Throwing A Promise Ring And Necklace From Her Ex Into The Sewer

Janiah felt instantly "relieved" and "better" after dramatically discarding something that was once so meaningful.

Janiah Sanders, an 18-year-old from Houston, just got out of a relationship that left her heartbroken.

"Things went left," she said.

In a quick synopsis, Sanders alluded to infidelity and broken promises in the relationship.

"The relationship started off smooth as usual, but then once we got comfortable, things went left and there were other girls involved and [I] just threw the towel in," she told BuzzFeed News.

During the relationship, her ex gave her two pieces of jewelry: a ring that she wore on her ring finger and a necklace. The gifts were a symbol of her ex's "promise of loyalty and honesty" to the relationship, she said.

"It was a symbol of his love for me and how much I meant to him," she explained.

However, once she felt betrayed, Sanders said these two items "lost all its meaning and value." So, earlier this month, she filmed herself throwing the ring and necklace into a sewer and shared it online. The video has been watched over 3.5 million times.

"The reason I threw them out was because i knew that would be my final let go," she said.

"I knew that once I let go of the ring and necklace, I would know I’m officially done. And so I did. It made me feel relieved. I felt better."

Sanders captioned her video on Twitter, "Wtf is a promise?"

Sanders felt empowered by doing this so publicly. However, some people criticized her, saying she was foolish for throwing items of monetary value away like that.

Money that you threw in the sewer for some retweets, you coulda sold that mf https://t.co/0oGFMybqXd

Sanders told BuzzFeed News they were not real diamonds. However, people maintained that they still belonged to her and they still held value.

@janiaaah ok but is ur ring real diamonds....or cubic z sumn cuz u could sell that for what's it worth and buy you a new pair of shoes, new weave. I mean the possibilities are endless. https://t.co/0ZXsLJkTNH

Some are downright calling her "petty" for the action.

Could’ve just gone to the pawn shop but you wanted to be petty for the tl. You do you girl https://t.co/33XS5dSKdF

While others are confused. "What did u accomplish?" someone asked.

You know she’s real life hurt when she literally recorded throwing the rings down the sewerage just so the person who did her dirty could see, instead of going to the pawn shop and getting that money smh what has the world come to https://t.co/48lgMKrAL2

However, people are also coming to her defense. "Money is nice but giving your soul peace is better."

Everybody coming at her with “should’ve pawned/sold them” couldnt have felt true pain before. I’m sure her pain was healed more by dropping those down the drain than some bills. Money is nice but giving your soul peace is better. https://t.co/JL2QCW0pW4

"It wasn’t about money or anything. It was about me letting go of old news and unwanted memories," Sanders said. She added that she'd do it all over again today, despite the strong responses against it.

im sorry but this is me.... once i’m REALLY done and have been continuously hurt ✌🏽 https://t.co/lYiIEp3IZY

"If there’s anybody in my same position and contemplating what to do, go for it," the teen advised. "Put yourself first and love yourself first always. And no matter what people say, do what you have to do."

If anything, sewage dwellers will come back up with your jewelry for themselves soon enough.

@janiaaah Pennywise down there like

Or, y'know, give them to a friend (me).

@janiaaah Ninja turtles coming back from the pawn shop like

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