This Teen Has A Hilarious Message For People After He Fell Asleep On His School Bus

"Or just simply don't sleep."

This is 17-year-old Isaac Maciel Rodriguez, a senior at John Jay High School in San Antonio. He admits he falls asleep on the school bus pretty easily, "but my friend Monica wakes me up," he told BuzzFeed News.

Isaac Maciel Rodriguez

Well, on Monday morning, Monica failed him. Rodriguez not only slept through the entire bus route — passing his school — but ended up at an unknown location. He woke up, groggily stepped off the bus, and looked around.

"I thought, 'What the heck, why is there a field?'" Rodriguez said.

After seeing lines and lines of yellow school buses, he realized he must have been taken to a bus lot.

Rodriguez, confused and a bit pissed at this point, Snapchatted his surroundings and shared it on Twitter. He aptly captioned it, "Don't sleep on your bus."

His tweet instantly blew up with over 14,000 retweets. Yes, people laughed at his expense...

(At least this guy found out where school buses are born?)

But tons of people came to his defense and said that not only do they sleep on their bus too, but they've had similar jarring experiences.

To those wondering if Rodriguez made it home, he told BuzzFeed News he eventually found the bus driver who "was just clocking out" and was finally taken back to school in the same bus.

Twitter: @AiD_isaac

"He went back to the bus to take me to school," Rodriguez said. "I thanked [him] for taking me back."

Apparently the bus driver apologized for the mishap.

Rodriguez is a bit scarred from the experience, so he cautions anyone who falls asleep on the bus to and from school to "have your own alarm on your phone." Or "just simply don't sleep. I don't sleep anymore," he said.

Isaac Maciel Rodriguez

Oh, and as for his former alarm clock/friend Monica?

"I told my friend about it — she didn't even know I was still on [the bus]," Rodriguez said. "She felt very bad."