People Are Trolling A Country Singer Who Debuted A Song Called "Take A Knee, My Ass (I Won’t Take A Knee)”

Neal McCoy was most likely not instructing his derriere to take a knee. But the jury is still out.

Country singer Neal McCoy of Texas debuted his latest song to a live audience last week that was also streamed via Facebook Live. The song, titled "Take A Knee, My Ass (I Won't Take A Knee)," is a pretty obvious commentary on the ongoing debate over kneeling during the national anthem.

The performance has racked over 3 million views. Even though McCoy performed the song, he said a friend of his actually wrote it. He warned listeners that the song has "a bad word in it." (The bad word is "ass," as in the title and hook of the song, "Take a knee, my ass.")

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Here's a quick transcription of some of its impassioned lyrics:

I’ll honor the ones who gave it all
So we’re all free to go play ball
If only for their sake
I won’t take a knee

Arm and arm, side by side
America’s heroes fought and died
Is showing some respect too much to ask?
I speak for those whose freedom was not free
And I say
Take a knee
My ass

McCoy told BuzzFeed News that the song was written to address his dislike for NFL players' "timing" of their protest.

"That is their right to protest and I observe that right," he said. "I just disagree with the timing of it during Our National Anthem, which has been observed as that since March 3, 1913."

" I understand the guys taking the knee is a showing of unity and standing for what they believe is racial injustice towards the African Americans being exhibited mainly by law enforcement," he continued.

"I think what has struck a nerve with so many folks, or at least me, is the timing of it and I am letting folks know others can do what they want, but as for me, I won't take a knee!"

People in the comments absolutely love the song and its commentary.

But some are confused by the grammatical implication of the comma in the title — and wondering if McCoy is asking his ass to take a knee.

There is no getting around the fact that the comma means he is addressing his ass. "Take a knee, guys." "Take a k…

Is this man asking his ass to take a knee because he won't?

OK, so maybe they're not truly confused. But they are trolling.

please download my new single, “Take A Knee, My Ass (My Hamstrings Are Flexible And I Can Tie My Shoes Straight-Legged)”

ME: Take a knee, my ass. ASS: I WON'T take a knee. (awkward silence)

take a knee my ass (i wont take a knee) -rupi kaur #EverywhereRupiKaur

Kneel Inside My Ass (Put Your Knee In My Asshole) - Hat Gortley

"Telling your ass to take a knee is just sitting down."

telling your ass to take a knee is just sitting down

"Working on a rebuttal song 'Take An Ass, My Knee.'"

Working on a rebuttal song ‘Take An Ass, My Knee’

Or, perhaps, McCoy really was addressing his own derriere, which makes everything all the more interesting. Hmmm, let me sit on this one.

@ashleyfeinberg he is asking his ass to take a knee, because he cannot. he sees his ass as separate from himself

What's clear is McCoy's messaging has gotten a bit lost and offtrack.

Sawing off my ass and giving it a knee to own the libs


The post has been updated to include McCoy's statements.

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