People Are Hilariously Talking Shit About Sunny D And It's All So, So Accurate

"Sunny D is theoretical orange juice."

It all started when one Twitter user tweeted about the "juice" (because debatable, amirite) and firmly told everyone to lay off Sunny D once and for all.


Of course, the debate over Sunny D's goodness has been had for decades now. But the single tweet from user @HustleAndFro_ in December incited tons of reactions, both in support and disagreement.

(OK, there was proportionally way more people who said they despise the drink.)

@HustleAndFro_ Sunny D is disgusting...

@HustleAndFro_ the shittest artificial shit ever created...........😑😐

And those who had strong feelings about how vile Sunny D is got very creative describing its unique flavor.

@HustleAndFro_ sunny d tastes like clown urine

@HustleAndFro_ Sunny D is made from pork run off

@HustleAndFro_ sunny delight is antifreeze

People pulled from the depths of their imaginations and life experiences to describe how they feel about the drink.

Sunny D is the child OJ had with Tang even though the other beverages said Tang ain't shit and won't handle his res…

Sunny D is Great Value orange juice minus the great and the value

Sunny D is Tang that failed its finals.

The accuracy of some of the descriptions had people so hilariously shook. "Sunny D is the 'I'm not racist I have black friends' of juices," someone shot back.

Sunny D is the “I’m not racist I have black friends” of juices RT @HustleAndFro_: 🗣 Y’ALL NOT FINNA DISRESPECT SUNNY DELIGHT

This tweet from @Hustle_Scholar has been singly retweeted over 14,000 times.

Sunny D taste like it was made by someone whose only contact with oranges was through reading about them

It's even inspired more people to reflect on the chemically created flavor.

@Hustle_Scholar @HustleAndFro_ you can taste the science in that shit

The debate took off in all sorts of wild, graphic directions. Albeit all still very accurate.

@Hustle_Scholar @firefire100 Sunny Delight is made from the piss of people who drank real orange juice.

@Hustle_Scholar WHOA WHIA WHOA!!! Sunny D is supposed to be orange flavored? I thought it was colonoscopy prep

"Sunny D really is theoretical orange juice." 💀

@Hustle_Scholar Sunny D really is theoretical orange juice.

The great war on Sunny D wages on and people are still going back and forth about it in the new year.

Looks like the "Sunny D" tweet is getting a 2nd run

Sunny D is for the people who still put their finger under words when they read

idgaf what anyone thinks sunny d is delicious & will always be my fav drink frick the haters 🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊

No matter where folks stand with Sunny D, it's certainly brought out the most impassioned and poetic sides of people.

I like sunny d but this is true and hilarious lmao

This Sunny D slander thread is too funny😂

And everyone can at least appreciate that.

The thread about Sunny D had me weak as hell😭

[Whispers] Sunny D is trash, @ me.

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