This Teen Expertly Trolled Someone Who Complained About Girls "Pretending" To Like Football "To Look Cool"

Did you guys see that epic 50-yard catch by Alex Jones last night?

Alexander Romero, 19, from Long Island told BuzzFeed News he was scrolling through his timeline during the Super Bowl on Sunday when he stopped, and scoffed, at a tweet from a stranger.

The tweet, shared during the Super Bowl by "a random guy" Romero follows named Ethan, stated: "I hate when girls pretend to know about football just to look cool it's just fucking dumb."

Ethan continued to live-tweet the big game. In response to one of his tweets, Romero decided to test the boundaries of irony a bit. "Hell yeah did you see that touchdown by gary coleman?" he tweeted back.

"Yeah i was hyped he's too good, the pats aint winning this one," the user responded.

That's when mutuals and other people took notice...and reconnected the dots back to the user's initial tweet.

Some were stunned, while others cackled on cue.

Ethan told BuzzFeed News "it was embarrassing at first" for him when he realized what had happened. But after a while, he said, "I got over it and laughed at my stupidity."

But perhaps the person most stunned, and amused, by the brief exchange was Romero himself. He instantly took a screenshot of it, and shared it in a new tweet that was simply captioned, "There is no fucking way." The tweet quickly went viral.

Alexander Romero

"I don't know whether to laugh or cry" was the general, unanimous consensus.

Some hilariously thought the troll was doing Coleman dirty.

Ethan's original tweet is now being doubly trolled with mentions of Coleman.

Among other random names. "I now know who Gary Coleman is," Ethan added, laughing.

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