Steve Harvey Met With Trump To Discuss "Inner-City Problems" And Folks Are Confused

After meeting with the president-elect and a having phone call with Ben Carson, the comedian believes "something really great" is ahead.

Family Feud host Steve Harvey met with President-elect Donald Trump at New York's Trump Tower on Friday. The meeting was supposedly to connect the comedian with Ben Carson so they can "team up" on housing and inner-city issues, he told reporters.

In a message posted to his Twitter, Harvey said he felt inspired after the initial three-way conversation on the subject, and described Trump as a man who he felt "genuinely wants to make a difference."

Harvey also wrote that President Obama encouraged the meeting as well.

He reiterated the point to press at Trump Tower.

"It's just me following orders from my friend, President Obama, who said, 'Steve, you gotta,' as he told everyone, 'Get out from behind your computer, stop tweeting and texting, and get out there and sit down and talk,'" he told a room of reporters.

Harvey said this does not mean he's planning to plunge entirely into politics. But some people online are just generally confused why he's there at all.

When I heard Steve Harvey I assumed it was a politician I didn't know also named Steve Harvey. It's just Steve Harvey.

Steve Harvey looks just as confused as the rest of us as to why he's at Trump Tower

Steve Harvey, who has never run a Federal agency, is going to help Ben Carson, who has also never done it. Great.

Although some people came to Harvey's defense — and suggested that he is only trying to offer his help.

People be sounding so ignorant. Steve Harvey is trying to help inner cities, which desperately needs help, and he's a coon? K.

It's sad that u can't win even when you trying to do the right thing at times. Salute to you Steve Harvey 💯

But mostly people couldn't help but crack jokes and caption the photos from their meeting.

Trump- Thank you for coming to Trump Tower Dr. Ben Carson Steve Harvey- I'm Steve Harvey Trump- Sorry Don King

"Name someone who just sold their soul." "OOOH! Steve Harvey!" "Survey says--"

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