People Are Concerned About A School District Replacing Snow Days With Online Courses For Students

Online, people are saying that snow days should be days off for students, and spent “sledding and building snowmen.”

A school district in South Carolina announced last week that it is planning to replace all inclement weather–related school closures with online courses for students to take at home. It’ll be the first district in the state to implement this new policy.

On days like snow days, instead of tobogganing or watching Maury reruns, students will be required to complete mandated school work. They’ll have an additional five days to complete it once they return to school, Newton said.

Newton told BuzzFeed News that the new policy has been “received pretty well” among students, parents, and faculty. Online, however, people believe snow days should be days off for students, and spent “sledding and building snowmen.”

@FOX59 Snow days shouldn’t consist of school work, let them enjoy sledding and building snowmen like we did back in the day.

Some are (jokingly) calling it “evil.”

And calling advancements in technology a peril.

the internet was a mistake

To anyone’s concerns, Newton wanted to point out that his district’s schools “typically don’t actually get any snow days,” he said. “For example, last year we had four days missed due to inclement weather — none for snow.”

We got out of school at the right time ladies and gentlemen.

He said they had not heard any concerns from parents yet about managing the extra coursework for these inclement weather days.

“We are excited to pilot this program for South Carolina, and as a 1:1 technology district we think we are in a good process to carry this out successfully,” he said.

The new e-learning policy will start in the 2018–19 school year.

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